Lavender Biscuits Recipe

These lavender biscuits are quite delicious, and they are very easy to make.

I recently made this lavender biscuits recipe with our 6 year old, who had been asking to make them since last summer (when we picked and dried lavender from our garden to make lavender sugar).

They were delicious!

Eat them on their own, or serve with a cup of tea or coffee.

Lavender biscuits recipe
Lavender biscuits recipe

The recipe was adapted from Mary Berry’s Lavender Biscuits recipe, and modified by me to work with my ingredients.
The instructions have been re-written to create a simpler step-by-step method which is easier to follow and has simple steps which are easy to work through with a child.

Lavender Biscuits Recipe


  • 175g softened butter
  • 100g lavender sugar (see below for how to make this)
  • 225g plain flour
  • An extra spoonful of sugar – lavender sugar and/or demerara sugar – to dip the biscuit mix and sliced biscuits in.


  1. Put the softened butter and the lavender sugar into a mixing bowl and beat these together (beat well, as this will help to bring the flavour out from the lavender).
  2. Stir in the flour, mix together with your hands, form the dough into a ball shape and knead slightly until it is holding together well.
  3. Divide the dough mix into two pieces and roll these out to make two evenly sized sausage shapes, of about 10cm long and 3 – 4cm diameter.
  4. Roll the biscuit dough sausages in the extra sugar.
  5. Wrap in baking paper, place on a tray and put in the fridge until firm (at least an hour).
  6. Lightly grease 2 large baking trays.
  7. Pre-heat?oven to 160C, 325F, Gas Mark 3.
  8. Cut each biscuit dough sausage into slices of around 1cm thick.
  9. Dip the biscuits into any left over sugar and place them on the baking trays, leaving some space for them to spread.
  10. Bake for 15 to 20 mins, until the biscuits are a pale golden brown colour around the edges.
  11. Place them on a wire rack and allow to cool before eating.

The biscuits were still a little bit soft in the middle when they were first removed from the oven, but they quickly solidified as they cooled.

Be careful not to over-cook the biscuits; they should be just starting to turn golden brown.


Lavender Biscuit Stars

When we made the biscuits, my young assistant insisted that we make stars with our new star-shaped pastry cutter. So we cut about 1/3 off one of the biscuit dough sausages, rolled it out with a roller to about 1cm thick and cut a star shape. We then rolled out the remaining dough into a circular cookie-style biscuit. These larger biscuits needed a few minutes longer in the oven.


How to make lavender sugar

It is really easy to make the lavender sugar; it can then be used to make lavender biscuits or other recipes.

You can either buy some dried lavender flowers or you can dry your own lavender if you have suitable lavender plants in your garden. Most lavenders except for french lavender should work – see our Lavender for Health page for more information.


  • Caster sugar approx 200g
  • Dried lavender 2tbsp
  • A clean dry large jam jar or storage jar with a tight fitting lid
  1. Fill the jar about 2/3 full with the sugar.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of dried lavender to the jar.
  3. Make certain that the lid is on tightly and give it a good shake until it is well mixed.
  4. Leave to stand for a couple of weeks before using.

It will keep for a year or more.

It is important to use high quality culinary lavender, or unsprayed lavender from your own garden which has been dried and stored carefully.

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