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Stay healthy and make sensible decisions for you and your family.

  • Explore nature
  • Eat well
  • Learn about herbs and plants
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  • Learn about some of the things which you can do to improve the health of you and your family.

We aim to create interesting and informative articles, pulling together good quality information from various sources, providing advice and tips, and links to extra information.

We have articles about health issues, information on herbal and natural remedies, food and healthy meal ideas, gardening and plants, entertaining children and home education, nature and environment, and more.

Flower of the Week

Schizostylis is a great plant to add some colour to the garden in autumn and winter – a time when there are not many other plants flowering.
Flower of the week

Schizostylis pink flowers


Lavender for Health
Learn more about lavender, including the medicinal uses of lavender.

Lavender for Health

Lavender Biscuits Recipe

Bee on lavender flower

Lavender is not just a garden plant, it attracts bees and other useful insects, it has medicinal uses, can be used to fragrance the home, and can be used in cooking.

Learn about the different types of lavender, its different uses, how to dry lavender, how to make lavender bags to fragrance your clothes, and how to make some delicious lavender biscuits.


Learn more about Mint, using it and growing it.

Mint and its uses

Apple mint with dew on the leaves

Schools Out

The schools are closed ? what now?
With schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and children at home, you may need some ideas for entertainment and educational activities.
We have a few suggestions here.

Schools Out ? What Now ?

Educational Resources for Children

Fun and Games for children

Building a Bug Hotel

Spring Woodland Nature Walk ? Home Education Adventure

Child and bee

Coronavirus (Covid 19)

What you need to know
We have pulled together information on the current coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak, along with links to some interesting and informative articles.

Cornavirus (COVID-19) basic information

Avoid catching coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cornavirus (COVID-19) and children

Coronavirus scams

What is a virus and what do viruses do?

novel coronavirus COVID-19 virus image

Food and Diet

Healthy Eating
Suggestions for simple healthy meals and snacks, and advice on food combining, health and nutrition.
– One pot easy meals
– Nutritional cost effective meals
– Simple quick snacks which are good for you.

Easy Healthy Meal Ideas

10 Minute Meals and Healthy Snacks

One pan egg fried rice and veg - easy healthy meals

If you would like to eat simple healthy food, which is cheap and easy to prepare, we will be putting together some ideas here.

Our first pages include some one pan healthy vegetable and egg meal ideas. Eggs are very good for you and not expensive.
Also some 10 minute meals and easy healthy snacks.

The journey of a Virus

Get on an airplane, travel, see the world.
Find a new place to settle, somewhere busy and exciting, with lots of people, bars and restaurants.
A new host to live with.

Then travel further, from one town to the next, by bus and train this time.
Quietly moving around, unseen and unheard.
By the time that anyone realises you were there – you have already gone, but your children are left behind to make their own journey.
They will travel as you did.

JH, 2020

Mint and its uses

Mint and its uses Mint is an important culinary and medicinal herb plant. It can be used in cooking, to make teas and refreshing drinks, and as a fragrance. Mints (Mentha) are aromatic perennials.The name mint comes from the Latin word mentha, which is derived from the Greek word minthe (from the name of a…

One Pan Healthy Meal Ideas

Healthy Meal Ideas – One Pan Egg Meals We have some healthy meal ideas which are cheap and healthy: easy egg fried veg and rice, or healthy one pan brunch with potato, veg and egg. They are easy to cook, good for you and not expensive. Table Of ContentsHealthy Meal Ideas – One Pan Egg…

Woodland Nature Walk Home Education

Spring Woodland Nature Walk – Home Education Adventure Since starting to home educate our 6 year old son in the autumn, we have done a lot of nature-related activities. We have gone on numerous nature walks. We have looked at how plants grow, how flowers create fruit, and discussed many things including birds, trees, soil…

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflower Cordial Recipe Elderflower cordial is a sugary syrup which is diluted to drink, or used in other recipes such as jams and jellies. Elderflowers close up The spring blossom season comes and goes very quickly, and elderflowers are one of the last flowers to arrive. The flowers of apple and cherry may be more…

Fun and Games for Children

Fun and Games for Children With schools off for the duration, self-isolation and now a full lockdown, it’s important to find fun and stimulating activities to keep your children active, entertained and busy during this time. While it will be tempting to plonk kids in front of the TV or leave them with their screens,…

Coronavirus and Children

Coronavirus and Children – How Can You Prevent Your Children From Spreading Coronavirus to Others? It appears that coronavirus (COVID-19) usually causes mild symptoms in children (although there have been a few exceptions). However, children are just as likely to catch the disease as anyone else – possibly more so. In some cases (in both…